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Botox Lip Flip

What is Botox Lip Flip?

We have all heard the words “Botox” and “lip fillers”. While both are amazing beauty treatments on their own, there’s a new procedure that lets you get the look of lip fillers without the pain associated -it’s called Botox lip flip. Lip fillers can be difficult to change the actual shape of the lips without more invasive measures, and this is where Botox Lip Flip is a perfect option. The fullness is present. Botox lip flip might be the solution you need, let’s talk more thoroughly about Botox Lip Flip offered at Oxford Dental:

Botox lip flip is slightly different than classic fillers. Instead of simply injecting your lips with Restylane or Juvéderm to add volume, a Botox lip flip consists of Dr. Swaney injecting neuromodulators (AKA, Botox) strategically into your upper lip near the Cupid’s bow. This relaxes the orbicularis oris muscle, which releases tension and causes the lip to flip upwards, creating a pouty effect that naturally unfolds over days or even weeks. You will typically see your final results between 5-7 days after treatment.

Is Botox Lip Flip The Option For Me?

Botox Lip Flip treatment is perfect for somebody who wants a subtle, yet significant, change in the appearance of their lips, but isn’t ready to commit to fillers just yet. Think of it as a middle ground between your favorite lip plumper gloss from the drugstore and lip injections at the Kylie Jenner level. As the Botox is injected and the relaxed orbicularis oris muscle rolls the upper lip out, you will clearly see significantly plumper and prettier pout… but the results will be more subtle than lip fillers. This happens because no volume is physically added to the lips. If you’re wanting a dramatic change and fill, a Botox lip flip may not be for you. But if you’re looking for a treatment that will give your lips beautiful volume, without the commitment or risk of going overboard, a Botox lip flip is the perfect first step.

What to Expect At Oxford Dental

Another reason that Botox lip flip is ideal for a subtle transformation? It only lasts for about three months. We are excited to see the results at your check visit when the Lip Flip deliver a subtle, naturally beautiful pout along with a major boost of confidence.

You can expect to pay around $100 for Botox lip flip treatment as opposed to hundreds spent on lip fillers. Like any other injectable procedure, there are a few precautions that you’ll want to take beforehand. For several days before going in for your Botox lip flip, avoid the following to prevent bruising and soreness: Anticoagulants such as aspirin and ibuprofen, Alcohol, Blood thinners, Fish Oil, Multivitamins

Slight bruising or soreness might be associated with Botox lip flip but this will go away, and you'll experience a perfectly plump, yet subtle pout like never before.

Oxford Dental Now Offers Botox Lip Flip!

Oxford Dental is proud to offer botox lip flip for Oxford, MS and surrounding areas! Our team has exactly what your looking for and we are now offering a $100 Botox Lip Flip discount when mentioning this blog! See you at Oxford Dental! (662)234-5222

Book your appointment at Oxford Dental today for Botox Lip Flip!

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