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Brewing Better Smiles with 12 Days of Christmas Specials! Oxford Dental

The holiday season at Oxford Dental is all about celebrating with warmth, cheer, and, most importantly, bright smiles. As the air gets crisper and the festive lights start twinkling, we're thrilled to announce our "Brewing Better Smiles - 12 Days of Christmas" campaign. This special event combines our love for beautiful smiles with the cozy joy of a delicious cup of coffee. Join us as we count down to Christmas with exclusive offers that promise to make your holiday season merrier and your smiles brighter!

The Festive Countdown Begins: Our 12-day festive bonanza begins on December 13th, bringing you a different offer each day to enhance your dental health and aesthetics. Here’s a sneak peek at what’s brewing:

Day 1: Hydro-Peppermint Fresh Start Let's kick start Oxford Dental's 12 days of Christmas Oxford and freshen up your dental routine with a Waterpik at a special price of $75. It’s like a peppermint mocha for your teeth - refreshing and invigorating!

Day 2: White Christmas Smile Illuminate your holiday photos with our Take-Home Whitening Trays. Now at $350, it’s the perfect treat to make your smile shine as bright as the holiday lights.

Day 3: Minty Fresh Shine Keep your smile radiant throughout the holiday feasts with our Opalescence Whitening Toothpaste, now just $10. It’s the secret ingredient to your festive glow!

Day 4: Snowy Gleam Makeover Turn heads at holiday gatherings with our KoR Full System In-Office Whitening, offered at a dazzling price of $1200. Get ready to sparkle like a snowflake!

Day 5: Stocking Stuffer Sparkle Opalescence Go Strips, now just $75, are the perfect stocking stuffers. Gift a loved one the joy of a sparkling smile!

Day 6: Jingle Bells Clean Enjoy 50% off on our Sonicare Toothbrushes - now at $75. This deal will have you jingling all the way to a cleaner, brighter smile.

Day 7: Smooth Espresso Smiles Smooth out the holiday stress lines with our special Botox treatment at $12 per unit. A sip of espresso and a touch of Botox - the perfect blend for a relaxed holiday!

Day 8: Mistletoe Pout Perfection Get ready for those mistletoe moments with our Lip Flip offer for just $100. It’s the little boost your holiday smile needs.

Day 9: Tiny Tinsel Teeth Tune-up Don’t forget the little ones! Gift them a Kids Sonicare for $50 and watch their smiles twinkle like the tinsel on the tree.

Day 10: Frosty Frappe Collection Our all-in-one smile brightening bundle, including Sonicare, Opalescence toothpaste, and whitening strips, is now just $150. It’s the perfect package to keep your smile warm and bright.

Day 11: Straight as Candy Cane Gift yourself the confidence of a perfectly aligned smile with $250 off on our Oxford Clear Aligners. Straight, confident smiles are always in season!

Day 12: Espresso Shot Brightener For those last-minute festive gatherings, grab our Whitening Pen for just $10. It’s like a quick espresso shot for your teeth - instant brightness!


Our "Brewing Better Smiles - 12 Days of Christmas" campaign is more than just an array of offers; it’s our way of spreading joy and smiles this festive season. At Oxford Dental, we believe that a bright smile is the best accessory you can wear, especially during the holidays. So, let’s celebrate together with great deals, warm coffee, and radiant smiles!

Ready to light up your holiday season with a dazzling smile? Visit us at Oxford Dental or contact us to learn more about our festive specials. Book your appointment today and let us help you brew the perfect smile this Christmas!

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