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A Life-Saving Discovery: Embracing Oral Cancer Awareness Month with Oxford Dental

This April, as we celebrate the renewal that spring brings, Oxford Dental is also shining a spotlight on something of critical importance: Oral Cancer Awareness Month. Our dedication extends beyond standard dental care, emphasizing lifesaving interventions through early detection, showcased by a powerful patient story.

A Testament to Early Detection

We share with you a heartfelt video testimonial that highlights the vital role of early detection. A routine visit to Oxford Dental led to the discovery of a cancerous spot on a patient’s cheek by Dr. Swaney. This early diagnosis exemplifies the importance of regular dental check-ups and screenings in the fight against oral cancer.

The Silent Threat of Oral Cancer

Oral cancer may not always present noticeable symptoms until it’s advanced, making regular screenings essential for early detection and significantly improving treatment outcomes.

A Special Offer This April

To underscore the importance of Oral Cancer Awareness Month, Oxford Dental is offering a special incentive. For every patient who comes in for an Oral Cancer Screening in April, we’re providing a complimentary coffee from Caffecitos. It's our way of saying thank you for taking a step towards better health and raising awareness about oral cancer.

Oxford Dental’s Comprehensive Care

Every routine dental cleaning at Oxford Dental includes an Oral Cancer Screening, a crucial step in our comprehensive approach to your oral health. These screenings are quick, non-invasive, and could be lifesaving.

How You Can Participate

  • Watch and Share: Our video testimonial is not just a story; it’s a call to action. Help us spread the word this April.

  • Book Your Screening: Schedule your dental cleaning and Oral Cancer Screening this month. Enjoy a complimentary coffee from Caffecitos on us.

  • Adopt Healthy Practices: Your lifestyle choices can impact your risk. Reduce tobacco and alcohol use, and eat healthily.

Together in the Fight Against Oral Cancer

The journey of our patients is at the heart of why we observe Oral Cancer Awareness Month. Let’s make April a month of action, education, and prevention. Visit Oxford Dental to learn more about our initiative, book your screening, and take a significant step towards a healthier future.

Together, we can make a difference in the fight against oral cancer. Join us this April and beyond in prioritizing your oral health and supporting Oral Cancer Awareness.

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