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The Battle For Normality: A Guide For (Self-)Therapy For Homosexuality Download




The author makes considerable effort to show that by setting goals and adopting strategies which are typical of counseling, as well as of other psychological therapies, homosexuals can improve their conditions. In this way, the book has the potential to change the homosexual way of life of many individuals in particular circumstances, although the author, in discussing each part of the book, limits himself to a general, not specifically homosexual, theory. That is, the purpose of the book is to give an exposition of the ideas which form the basic concepts of the psychological counseling of homosexuals, rather than an exposition of what is specific to homosexuals. As a therapy, the concepts of change and of the therapeutic techniques for achieving that change are probably the least important part of this book. As is discussed in the first chapter, change, understood as a change of the inner life, is probably possible for any person who desires to change and who is capable of the change. However, the author does provide the reader with a wide variety of . As stated in the title, the author was concerned with the practical problem of how to change, . The first section (chapters 1 and 2) is an introduction to the concepts of therapy, change, and of the various forms of mental illness. The remainder of the book consists of four sections, each of which can be viewed as dealing with one facet of the therapy. The first two sections are designed to provide an understanding of homosexuality in general, a detailed explanation of what homosexuality is, and what role it plays in the life of the homosexual. The third section deals with homosexual sex, that is, what homosexual couples do in bed. The fourth section is devoted to homosexual relationships. The first section (chapters 1 and 2) is probably the best part of the book, and covers much of what is already known. The author is reasonably thorough in his discussion of the causes of homosexuality, but, as might be expected, does not spend much time discussing the reasons for his own homosexuality. In this section, he makes little attempt to relate the treatment of homosexuality to homosexual problems as they exist in the life of homosexuals. Instead, the author sets forth the general ideas which form the basic concepts of treatment of homosexuality. These are: 1. . . the therapeutic technique is to set a goal for change which is specific, individual, realistic, and measurable; 2. . . . a large part of the healing process is done through the therapeutic techniques of interpersonal communication, and of establishing a therapeutic alliance;




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The Battle For Normality: A Guide For (Self-)Therapy For Homosexuality Download

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